A lifetime of concern and care,
A lifetime one has shared,
A lifetime one has given,
A lifetime for loved ones' driven.

One moment in time! Lifetime changes gear!

There is no one to cheer,
Is it only duty well cleared?
Lifetime is now hollow,
The cared do not follow,
His wait is for "Natures Lullaby."

One moment in time! "He irritates so!"

He lets the loved ones' loose,
His heart bursts in a noose,
He dreams of days gone by,
His loved ones bid him bye.
He waits to embrace "Natures Lullaby."

" To know how to say, what others only know how to think is what makes men poets or sages.
  To dare to say what only others dare to think is what makes men martyrs or reformers.
  For ordinary men like me to dare to say what others only dare to think makes me a nuisance better ignored or best eliminated."
" When one is shaken by what is the present, one delves into the past. Seeking anchorage in time, when thing appeared more calm. One may also close oneself up so as not to get hurt by the present in the natural ingrained urge to live."
Life! We have been long together
Through rain shine and bad weather;
It is hard to part when dear ones are near;
It may cost them a sigh or a tear;
Let us steal away, giving no warning,
Let me choose my own time of parting,
Bid my body ' Good Night.' when it is time,
Bid my soul  "Good Morning." in the new clime.
It is my body only that is dust,
From dust it comes and to dust it will turn.
Make me live oh! Dear ones,
By remembering me even once!